We plan to select, develop, enhance and protect in perpetuity a block of rural land that will benefit ecologically by retirement from pastoral activities followed by restoration, including revegetation with indigenous species, all in a manner which is both appropriate and ecologically sustainable.


The interaction between people and nature, especially where the land meets the sea, has strongly influenced the New Zealand psyche and has become firmly embedded in our national culture.

A residential property with coastal views appeals to a wide cross-section of people, and to an increasing group of these people there is additional appeal when this occurs within a native forest setting.

The intent of this website is to present conservation-minded investors with a Concept which could lead to their ownership of a private bush-clad rural-residential property with coastal views, environmentally-sensitive coastal access and which supports a native bird population. Further information relating to the conceptual basis for this ecologically sustainable development can be made available when you contact us.

For an outline view of how we propose to undertake the development go to: Strategy

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