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Our plan is to:

  • Gather a number of conservation-minded investors who share the Vision and like the Concept of owning a property with coastal views and ecologically-sensitive coastal access and who are prepared to:
    • Use the Resource Management Act, the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement , the Climate Change Response Amendment Act and the National Biodiversity Strategy as underlying supports for the development, and
    • Minimise the impact of the built environment by clustering the building sites so that services can be shared but with each building site separated sufficiently from its neighbours to maintain privacy.
  • Identify opportunities within regional and district plans which permit the Vision to be achieved
  • Set up formal structures governing the execution of the Vision, encompassing its legal, financial and project management requirements.
  • Identify target properties and analyse their relative potential to achieve the Vision through a structured evaluation according to previously agreed criteria.
  • Select a property and proceed with its development in accordance with sound fiscal, ecological, environmental, consultative, planning and engineering practices.
  • Actively engage with the community in this process.

Where are we at the moment? Currently we are looking for investors who share the Vision and are interested in joining the development. Potential investors can include:

  • farmer landowners looking at alternative ways to utilise land which is marginally sustainable or unsustainable for pastoral use
  • companies looking to offset their greenhouse gas emissions either to meet the aspirations of their shareholders or to counter pressure from their competitors
  • farmer landowners, individuals or groups of individuals looking to the future enjoyment of a lifestyle on selected property, the net health of which is improved in perpetuity by their investment.
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